How to Win With Google Local Services LSA’s


How can your pest control business win by using google local service ads and how effective they are to outrank your competition.
HOw to win with Google Local Services
Pest Control Sucess
Pest Control Sucess
How to Win With Google Local Services LSA's
How to Win With Google Local Services LSA’s

How to Win With Google Local Services LSA’s

Hello everybody thanks for joining me today we’re going to be talking all about local service ads or LSA’s or google local service ads maybe you’ve heard of them in those different terms but what we’re going to talk about are what are they how they work and most importantly how to win by using local service ads and how to put your best foot forward so we’re using local service ads and part of our whole online dominance method with our clients and all year we’ve been talking about how to dominate online and maximize your lead flow what are we doing we want to terminate our competition and we want to just have this entire dominance so that we’re taking over page one we wanna take a look at all the different channels how to set up your we’ve talked about how to set up your website correctly making sure that it’s optimized making sure that it ranks organically how to rank on google maps we’ve done a talk about that and how to leverage paid search we’ve we’ve done a webinar on paid search as well right now we’re really focused on paper lead type of stuff google local services and google local service ads and it’s just all so very important in maximizing your leads for your pest control business so i’m going to ask that for your undivided attention i know in this hectic past year and a half we’ve probably all been on a lot of different zoom meetings and just ask that you turn off your cell phone turn off facebook if you’re like me i always have a couple tabs open or my phone might be off to the side i’m just going to turn that off and and i found that when i actually give something my undivided attention i’m taking notes i’m more apt to implement that just go back and and and get it started so if you’re really serious about taking that next step in your business and you’re here to to follow along just follow along for the next to minutes it’s going to be a game changer. I promise i’m going to be giving you some information I guarantee that you or your competitor haven’t seen and these are things you can just implement starting today so what we’re going to cover today we’re going to be talking about what are go google local services where it’s active how it works how you can jump on board if you’re not already active or active in your area but the bulk of what we’re going to talk about is how does the rankings work there are systems in place that google loves google loves google and how we can use our local service ads to outrank our competition if they’re using them too so if there’s con hundreds of contractors in any given market and google is charging an average cost per lead how are you going to be the one of the    top three versus the other      contractors   so we’ll talk about specific things you   can do that sets you at that advantage   taking higher quality leads at a lower   cost so that sounds good and that’s what   you came for today type one in the chat   i’d love to hear you about hear your   feedback   all right we’ve got some ones yep   awesome thanks for   thanks for coming on board today   so who am i and why should you listen to   me   well i’ve been running a local   successful local marketing agency for   About years now i’m an active member   of the NMPA national pest management association    and i’m currently working with    several pest control businesses    throughout the united states our mission is to help a thousand pest  control companies across the country  so what i share with you is based on the    real world and proven um and it’s been    proven to work with our clients we’re   doing these   so my team is completely passionate   about implementing these strategies for   companies just like yours   we want to increase your sales and   revenue and take   your company to that next level   so that’s what we’re about this   presentation isn’t just about getting   your getting you to hire us   but if along the way you think we have   some good fit got a good idea we’d love   the opportunity to to talk with you  let’s dive in   what are   google local services   when you go to go to google right now   and type in your city plus pest control    in most markets google is going to give    you three results above the map listings so you might have seen it as google    guarantee or google home service ads    and they’ve just kind of rebranded it    over    over time so as you can see on this   visual you’ve got the three at the top   those are the  local service ads then you’ve got the   paid ad you’ve got the map and the three   pack   right below that   so ultimately what it is   it’s a three pack with a google   guarantee stamp basically where   customers can dial   your number directly and get   to pre-qualified contractors   and we’ll talk about qualification because there are things   you’re going to have to submit before   you can even just do this so what you’ll be able to see is when you  click on that you will see a lot of it   your consumer is going to see a lot of information and details quickly and it’s all in one place you see the address you see the reviews the hours   a little bit of information on health and safety the phone number it’s right there right at the top and easily available to access and see so why does this matter let’s talk about    why it matters and why    these LSA’s are so important    of people are using google from their phones tablets laptops  so it’s so important that you have this  massive presence where your customers are searching    beyond that it’s really the number one    place that people are looking when they   need your services and the local service ads just come    they’re right at the top our stats are telling us that plus percent of consumers are looking   from their phone and those LSA ads are above the fold on the phone so you’re going to see more on your laptop where you’ll see the lsas and then you’ll see the ad and maybe partially part of the map but on your phone since it’s condensed it’s going to just be the LSA’s that you you’re pretty much seeing    so that’s that first section or that first section above the fold on a mobile device that’s where they’re going to see it so there’s really no higher intent of a prospect looking for your services    and if  you know those LSA’s being there    if you have to scroll down to the    organic listing then they’re    they’re there but they’re right there    and they’re everything is right    accessible to their fingertips so let’s    face it if they don’t need us    they don’t need us until they really    really need us so it’s so important    that we’re there when they’re searching    for it and that we really have that plan    to win    with google local services    so where it’s active now    it is it started out just being in    larger areas and major markets  at this point it’s pretty much  nationwide  the   in every major market um   and they’re active but there are some   small pockets some rural areas   where they may not be as um where they   may not be active   it’s really rapidly growing over the   small towns and the smaller markets and   at this rate over the next couple years   it’ll pretty much be in every search you   run for every home service   out there so   how does it impact   search results   so as you can see in this visual    there are all the different searches    google monetizes google home services or    google local services being at the top    the three at the top    so when you search this is what the    consumer is going to get first    now i’m not saying you shouldn’t be    paying attention to google maps or    google adwords or optimizing for organic   search absolutely not and i actually   just did another webinar   covering those important details and how   many people are looking at   the map and how many people are looking   at the organic   listings right below the map   those are just as important   but with that being said lsas are so   important with being at the front of the   fold at this point in time specifically   on mobile because that’s where they   pretty much take the entire   section of   the mobile device up   so to get into google local services it’s not just you you pay your money and you’re on there you have to fill out an application and google actually runs a background check on you and your employees um you’re gonna they’re gonna run a license check a background check all the    business owners    technicians they have to complete a    background check and they do this    through a company called pinkerton    sometimes that process    can    be very time consuming and i’ve heard    other times people turn in their    applications and it’s live in an hour    and it’s not just your application it’s    your licensing like a city license state    license things like that all have to be    uploaded and approved    once you’ve submitted the background    data and the information    google needs to get you approved    once you’re approved you will then be    paying on a pay    a per lead basis    now we’re going to talk about that per    lead basis how it’s different than what you’ve gotten in homeadvisor  or thumbtack or one of those other third    parties they’re better leads they’re qualified    leads they’re not going to be    you know something that you’re paying    for    and is not a good lead so we’ll talk    about that too as well    now this price per lead it’s going to  shift over time depending on the par on   that market that you’re in   so if you’re already on google   local service ads   pop a comment in the uh in the group let   us let let us know what the average cost   is per lead in your area let me know   if you’re on it or if or what’s your   cost per lead is   David’s saying it’s  a lead   chad’s  Kristen’s at oh   David is oh he’s in phoenix okay and  it’s out in Phoenix Wow I’m surprised.  It’s that low in Phoenix okay well    perfect thank you guys. As you can see in a nutshell that’s    kind of how it works but we’re going to    go through the steps here    so how are you charged    basically you set up a weekly budget   that limits the total number of how much   you want to pay in any   week and then google carves that out   based on what the cost per lead is in   that area so for example  you’re setting aside  per month   per week, per day that cost per lead   equals out to     the good part is you only have to pay on   per lead basis and the average cost per   lead is   is low   the bad part is if you don’t have enough   budget   you will quickly come    those results are are are going to    not be there so you want to make sure if you have the capacity open up that budget as much as possible    you might get a different number of  leads from day to day but you’ll never spend more than your budget   you also have the ability to immediately dispute leads if you receive a lead that’s not valid so let’s say basically someone calls in  and says they’re not actually interested  in your services   if they’re spam solicitor things like   that there’s a great dispute process   super easy   and you won’t get charged for that lead  unlike   some of the other third party companies   that   just charge you   per lead and they might give you a small   part of a refund back or they might   credit you or something like that   it’s it’s easy to dispute it so a bad lead for example  would be a solicitor or spam and what we’ve seen google’s been  really good with working with you on a    non-um legit lead with giving your money    back.  I’d like to hear from you guys if you’ve  ever ran into this problem leave a   review leave a comment and let me know   is that true if you’ve seen this   come in and you’ve had to dispute a um   a lead that’s not valid  Kristin says it’s good to hear from you  Kristin she said they’re really quick   with getting your money back they are   fast and give you the benefit of the   doubt awesome cool cool cool cool   so i would say kind of looking at this   from a high level   we’ve got some pretty good feedback on other users and and what they’re seeing   on this on on local service ads the quality of leads are actually people who are calling into your company versus just leads they’re acquiring and    they’re not vetted    you’re still going to get some price    shoppers and that’s going to happen anywhere but    for the most part it’s really a good    solid return on investment    and our clients that have    um  have been implementing it they’re really   happy with it  so why is this really a no-brainer for a   pest control business or any home   service business   first of all we want you to show up on   all of the top places that your clients   are looking for   if you’re if they are looking on google   we have LSA’s  pay-per-click   organic ads and other directories and we   want to show up   there everywhere and we want to be right   where that customer is looking for   so having the right budget and plan   can help make sure we’re covering all of    those platforms    and we want to be on a pay-per-click  basis so that you have the lowest  possible cost per lead  so you can also set and change your  budget whenever you need to    so it’s really just a no-brainer to go    all in and be as aggressive as possible   how do you get set up   if you’re not already on it so there’s   really two scenarios   one could be it’s not active in your   area we talked about that it’s pretty   much nationwide but it is um   still not available in some smaller rural areas or some   small towns the other one is you’re just not active   in it yet and you haven’t submitted your application yet now if you work with us we will support you through the entire   process it won’t be an instant access   you have to upload all of that  information we’ll get all the details  from you we’ll help you point you point  you in the right direction  and we’ll walk you through that process   of you signing up for it and then making  sure that   you are optimizing those  ads    and making sure that everything is   working correctly so first thing is yes   sign up at adwords.google.com   forward slash local services   forward slash sign up and i’ll drop this   link in the chat   if you don’t happen to catch it in the   chat   um we do have a facebook group   i’ll leave that link as well and it   should be on the replay uh we’ll have   that information in there it’s called   the beehive   and you can   follow us on facebook in our group and   there’s all sorts of good   tidbits in there   so as you sign up google will make sure you’re vetted    with your licenses and all um    all of your information is correct that    you’ve submitted and it can be a little bit of a process    we’ve seen some that take a couple    months we’ve seen others that have    submitted their information    and it comes active by that evening or    the next day   it just depends on what they’re you know   what they’re looking at and if   everything’s filled out correctly   now this is one of the most important   things and how you can   outrank your competition if you’re both   doing local service ads so this is where   we really want to   focus on and this kind of like the meat   and potatoes of of how to get these local service ads really ranked let’s say you’re already on local   service ads or if you haven’t   how do you stay on there how do you stay   at the top  well there’s a couple things that play    out your proximity to your customers the  location plays a huge role so what we have been able to tell from google they’re still giving priority to    the people closest to the listing on that service ad   the next thing they’re looking at is   your review score and your number of   reviews that you receive both on google   and   verified reviews and there’s those are   different   how responsive are you to your customers how quickly you respond to someone   calling in and how quickly you close the loop on   that call and your and it’s booked   so all of these factors taken into   consideration on whether you’re going to stay up there   in that three pack   or your competition is going to   your business hours remember your business hours have to be identical across the board on every platform on social media on your website everywhere what time you open impacts your results    if you’re open from nine to six and your competition is open their local service ads going to show before yours will   if you’ve received a serious complaint that’s going to affect it in addition these rankings google will attempt to spread out the   leads you receive over time   that’s just to prevent you from spending   your entire budget early in that budget   period   so if your ad is generating leads more quickly than your budget can accommodate   you may see your ranking affected or your ad paused   temporarily in order to more evenly spread out those leads so what i want to do now is shift into the real world and what we know is how LSA’s work  what they are and why they are important now comes the most significant part of  local service ads as a user  the first thing i want you to do is dial  in your service area your profile and   your budget and this may seem simple but   if you don’t it could just leave money   on the table which could potentially keep you from getting the results you   want to see so we want to make sure our jobs are booked   unlike home advisor leads or seo leads these leads come directly from that ad and come directly from the dashboard that google gives you they’re all tracked and google wants to see you close that loop they want to know how many of those leads were either scheduled or booked so it’s it’s really important to have someone on your team closing the jobs out google is databased and they want to know if those leads are converting  and providing the consumer with that  good experience they want to know are you dealing with disputes   and protecting yourselves from bad leads and then you want to drive verified  reviews  these are reviews that only happen the  verified reviews you have the google reviews and then you have the verified ones and these are the reviews that only  happen within the google local services and then we want to target  booking rate   so i believe what gets measured gets done and we want to keep a focus on towards our goal so number one dial in your profile set up your budget open it up if you have the capacity update your ad schedule set up your    business bio select your job types set up your service areas update your business hours and add photos using a personality photo as the primary  number two most important suit this is so super  important what i’m seeing a lot of companies are not doing they’re not setting that as booked or marking it as   booked and this is so critical   google has to see that jobs and leads that you’re getting from their LSA’s are being handled and turning into money for you and the ads that are turning into a good experience for the customer so you want to mark that job as booked and you’re not leaving that open and  that lack of closure there so how do we do that if you’re going to do a google local service ad you want to have someone dedicated to mark that that job booked so to recap mark your job as booked  google rates your responsiveness by how well you complete your job    schedule them  answer the call mark it as booked  add the customer details at a bare minimum you need someone to go through listen to the call recorded on google and figure out if that job was  booked or not and then mark it  as as being booked and that’s just a bare minimum   so number three dealing with disputes you don’t want to have to pay for things   that don’t make any financial sense to you there’s just a quick dispute button you won’t be charged for any disqualified   leads any lead that comes outside of your area or a service that you don’t provide as we talked about earlier anything that’s a solicitor or spam you can dispute that very easily the next step number four drive verified views and there is a    difference between a google review and a google verified review a verified review means that someone called the number on your local service ad someone on the team marked it as booked    and did a follow-up to get the review so you can see how   the more verified reviews you get the better off you’re going to be over your competition and you’re giving google exactly what they want close out the job submit the request review and did the you know did the job and have the customer actually post the Review So it shows in the dashboard ask for a review option so it’s basically requesting the customer to verify their review that’s the whole process which is different than using your review platform maybe down the road they’ll work on integrating the two but for now it’s the only way to get that approval and that verification through the google review verified ones So number of those reviews are a major Driver um on ranking on ranking your lsas number five the last critical thing here is we want to shoot for a high booking rate okay the calls are coming in we want to answer them we want to book them we want to do the appointment we want to do get that verified review but if we’re not answering the phone we’re not booking them So we’ve seen booking rates as low as zero uh when it comes down to that um i just think it’s a lack of awareness so you i really encourage you to have someone on your team track this and shoot for percent or better that’s gonna um that’s gonna appeal to google and they’re going to improve your rankings on that So how to increase your lead flow from local services open up your budget expand your service areas your job types your ad schedule your business hours close out every lead book it schedule it archive it and then request a review on every job that does require you to take the call get the email and then push out that request but it’s just going to to put you over your competition um that’s pretty much a wrap on how to win with google local services what you should be doing now get with your strategy partner on our Team or you can you we can help you walk through this process or you can go there directly and upload everything you need to do get your background checks done  put your tracking in place to gauge your um return on investment and then leverage the platform to close those jobs out and get those verified reviews and play that game.While the return on investment makes sense so if this is something you’d like for us to help you with or if  you’re not seeing the optimal conversions that you’re really wanting on your website or if there’s any other questions you have on your online marketing that you’re you’re just not seeing the results you want to see we’ll be happy to do a marketing inspection with you it’s a free marketing inspection where we take a look at your website see if there’s any loopholes that you’re missing that might cause you not to be converting customers when they come there see what your competition is doing in comparison to what you’re doing and just kind of guide you through the process and see how we can either help you or give you some ideas on how to you know get better rankings on on online if you have any questions call us directly at —  you can go online you can book directly through us free for that free marketing inspection and we hope that you gathered something today and see you on the next the next call and thanks everybody and have a great day

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